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Park Kids Fit Club

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Our  most   popular  program  boasts  affordable   instructional  fitness  for adults-  The Rise Fitness Boot  Camp.  The   Rise   is   an   on-going    fitness  boot camp dedicated to transforming 

participants from fitness beginners to all out warriors.  As a group we

help each other achieve our individual fitness goals using  the unique  support   of   a   group   dynamic,    camaraderie   and   accountability  via  proper  diet  and   exercise protocol.


No  matter what your fitness  goals are or what your current  physical  capabilities might be, The Rise can help you succeed. While accessing  key  components  of training  we  invite you to challenge  yourself and  support  your journey to each  new powerful  level of personal victory.  This  is  your  chance,  lets  take  it  together...


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The concept behind Beer And Burpees, our charity fundraising class, is to  combine  fitness  with fun, friends  and  socializing. Think,  a weekly work   out    "club"   for    a   great   cause .   Power    through    friendly, non-competitive  workouts  directly  followed  by  an  organized  happy hour with team trivia at The Piggery Bar and Grill.

Since it's debut in 2016, Beer And Burpees had raised over $10,000 for a  long list of  beloved  causes and organizations  hosting  hundreds of visitors and participants.

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"One  Part  Fitness, Two  Parts  Fun- All

For Charity!"  Beer  And  Burpees  is  a free fitness class followed by a happy

hour at our favorite local bar and grill, The  Piggery.   We  ask  participants  to contribute   what    they    can   to   our monthly  charitable cause .

                                                          Our Park Kids Fit Club  is free weekly

                                                          class  offered to  children of  all ages

                                                          enrolled  in Chase Park's  "Park Kids"

                                                          Programs. This class is about making

                                                          movement & fitness- fun, creative,                                                                                                      entertaining & empowering.


Kids  power   through  athletic  games,   creative  role   play   &   obstacle

courses, sometimes even receiving  prizes for doing their best. We  teach

the basics of healthy nutrition & focus on esteem building & having fun! 

                         Join  us  for a  magical

                         day  &  night   as   we                            transform  the  fields

                         of Chase  Park  into a


whimsical  early  autumn  spectacular  adorn  with  real  camp  fires, marshmallow roasting,  professional ghost stories,  live music, treats,

eats & much, much more...


This event to kick off fall hosts more than 3,000 attendees!

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                     A  day  of   superhero       

                     adventure  awaits  at

                     Chase  Park!  Let your

                     mighty    little     ones

                     discover   their  super


hero  powers,  strengths and virtues  as they  explore  their favorite hero's sanctum.   Chase Park will be taken over by the Chicago Park Superheroes Guild  and transformed into the fortress of superhero achievement.

This super event hosts more than 800  in attendance with over 400 child participant!


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Grab  your best  boy toy or gal pal, come  dressed  to  impress,  make your  hair  big  and   get  ready  to dance  the  whole  night   away  in Ravenswood!   We promise to take it to the max with all you can drink beer,   wine   and   "Pretty  in  Pink "punch,   Garcia's   taco   bar,   80's music, prom  photos and  costume contest!


This event hosts over 150 groovy attendees!

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Summer is  here  & it's time  for  some fun  in the sun!  Bring  your kids  to  Chase Park  for the  first annual  Kid's Summer  Field  Day! Give your  children the opportunity  to discover &  try new outdoor games  & activities, take part in various light-hearted competitions, meet  new   friends  &  most  of  all-- have  fun   being  a   summer breakin' kid!  We  will provided  both structured and  unstructured outdoor  activities  to  assure  your  child  can expend their energy into being a kid!

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         IN THE PARKS


                      A Non-For-Profit Working To Support Our Parks, 

              Enrich Our Community & Raise Funds For Local Charities

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